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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Dream Workshops


A Four Session Workshop
Sherman Oaks, CA

Join us in a warm and relaxed small-group setting as we attempt to answer the questions “Why do we dream?” and “How are we to understand the meaning of these ’Visions of the Night?’”

Each week we will learn to work with our own dreams and to come to a fuller understanding of the rich meanings and possibilities that our dreams bring to us while we sleep.

Our dreams are “living images” that reflect our personal life, our loves, our conflicts, and the as-yet unknown possibilities that await us. Dreams tell us more about the person we are, while leading us to the person we may more fully become through personal healing and growth.

By acknowledging and relating to the images and symbols of our dreams, we acquire a better understanding of ourselves, as well those others who are important to us.

Our dreams will always help us to gain a fuller insight and perspective into our lives – past – present – and future.

Space is limited to six participants.  Open to the public.  Suitable for beginning and advanced students.

Email [email protected] to learn dates, cost, and location of the workshop.

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